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April Showers Bring Dead Flowers

There’s something growing in the garden . . . and it’s not a flower.

Greenhouse expert and horticulture Professor Heather Moore gets a new lease on life when she inherits her grandparents’ estate in New England. But the garden she loved as a child has seen better days. Determined to restore her grandfather’s garden to its former beauty, she’s accompanied by Ant, her charming chihuahua, and Pansy, her grandfather's cat.

But wait, what? Heather suddenly digs up an even bigger challenge when she finds some human remains in an old potting shed. As she discovers clues and follows the evidence, a few suspects cross her mind, but ultimately they point to one wily and clever killer. Suddenly in danger herself, can Heather solve this puzzling mystery, restore her family’s legacy, and bring about justice?

Meanwhile, her chance meeting with fellow flower enthusiast, Lars Oslo, turns her world upside down as she falls in love with that handsome and kind man. Their dates are off the charts romantic, and Heather feels like she won the lottery as their relationship progresses. Read how her fresh clean romance bursts into bloom in an unforgettable way.


Howl Once for Murder

Not every dog can howl . . . or solve a murder!

Adelaide and Truman—Belle Chasse’s funniest and smartest Basset Hound—are practically inseparable. And when a murder mystery comes barking at their doorstep, they band together to fight for the town they love.


After opening Baked Books with her human bestie, Georgia, Adelaide is delighted when a world-famous author agrees to sign books at their bookstore and bakery’s anniversary event. Truman’s so excited he wears a tuxedo for the occasion!


But Oscar Paris’s life as a bestselling author isn’t exactly everything Adelaide fantasized about in her wildest dreams . . . 


especially when he turns up dead at his own wedding, which is regrettably Baked Books first big catering gig!


In this funny, charming, and exciting mystery with a sweet romance, “till death do us part” comes much too soon for Belle Chasse’s famous resident.


But with Adelaide and Truman—along with a wildly attractive police detective—on the case, this band of quirky characters, charming animal shenanigans, and puzzles to solve will leave you howling with laughter.


Howl Once for Murder is the first book in the Baked Books Mysteries series that follows Adelaide and her brilliant Basset Hound, Truman, as they solve mysteries and capture your hearts.


Though the main mystery is resolved in each book of the series, the sweet romance will start in book one and continue throughout the series.

Cozy Mystery by Krista Lockheart: Howl Once for Murder


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